Saturday, July 22, 2006

Is that bad?

This (as you can also see in my previous post) has been my new favorite question. Well, maybe not favorite, but I've sure been asking it a lot. It usually happens in the context of, "I don't care much about (some phenomenon or debate)... is that bad?"

In college, I often felt that I had to argue about a lot of topics, particularly my faith, to assure their validity. But I realized that arguing (and winning) doesn't make something true. If it's true, it's just plain true. And I'm at the point where I am frankly tired of arguing and also just know that there are plenty of things I don't (and won't) know. So why argue?

When I ask the question, I'm half serious, half joking. I just refuse to get worked up about so many stupid things. You should try it. Here's an example:

"I could care less about whether I just picked up the salad fork or the dessert fork.... is that bad?"

I mean, really.

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