Tuesday, August 29, 2006

4 miscellaneous things

Here are a bunch of unrelated things:

First, a picture above of all the boxes in our hallway that we broke down after moving in and unpacking. Umm, can we say ridiculous? We only live in a one-bedroom apartment! And that was just the BOXES. Never mind large rubbermaid storage bins, SpaceBags, and other miscellaneous storage containers (and all the furniture). Sheesh...

Second, a picture above that (I couldn't get them to go in order) of Bobby Shenk with his sunglasses and Dodgers' hat typing in our old apartment amidst all the boxes. Hilarious.

Third, still no Diet Coke! Yay!

Fourth, did you know that there are blogs out there where the writers make their living through writing them? I mean, I'm not competing or anything - I'm pretty sure my readership is about 3 (hi guys!). But these people have loads of advertising on their blogs, sometimes from big companies like Tide and such. Crazy. Sounds like a fun job!

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