Monday, September 11, 2006

First day of class

I officially started off my Gordon-Conwell course of study today with my first class, Introduction to Counseling with Dr. Pablo Polischuk. It was fantastic! I had this deep sense of "this is where I'm supposed to be," and was totally blown away at the ways that Dr. Polischuk was able to integrate Jesus' teachings and Scripture with psychology. I've taken so many psychology classes and have never seen that happen. It was cool to talk about the qualities of a therapist and then have him give examples of things that Jesus did and realize that Jesus was the perfect counselor. Kinda made me get teary (but I held it back :)).

Dr. Polischuk, in addition to being a great counselor, preacher, and teacher, is *hilarious.* So I will be keeping track of various sayings of his (both wise & funny) that I will call "Pabloisms." Here are some:

"Some therapy helps some people some of the time." (actually, I don't think he coined this, but he was saying it to illustrate that we have both the ability to help and limitations as people; only God is the perfect Healer and Counselor).

"The world is a big village now," referring to the ways that technology has connected our world and makes us more directly confront issues of culture.

"Lord, keep me away from some of Your disciples. Just give me Jesus."

"He can play ping-pong with your electrons," referring to the way that God could re-program even the subatomic electrons in our brains if He wanted to heal us just Himself.

"Some of you were predestined to be Arminians." (Theology nerds would get this... if you don't know who the Arminians are, they're on the opposite spectrum of Calvin, who believed totally in predestination. The Arminians believe totally in free will).

"I love you from the bottom of my colon," as part of a conversation about the unity between body, mind, and spirit...

That's all, folks....

It's gonna be good.

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