Monday, September 18, 2006

Today's Pablo-isms

Dr. Polischuk, referring to people as pickles and needing to find out the context in which they live to inform therapy: "What kind of vinegar did they grow up in?"

"Beware of dumps," referring to people who refer patients to you because they don't want to treat them themselves.

"Therapy is not a toga, one size fits all."

"To sweat or not to sweat, that is the question." (explaining the context for this would be exhausting, so I'll save it).

"Christ is Christ - a big advantage!" referring to Jesus knowing the context of the woman at the well in John 4 and how we have to ask questions to gather that same information.

"Sometimes doing therapy is like eating fish eyes."

"Unless you drop your fig leaves, I don't know who you are."

Hilarious. :)

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