Saturday, October 28, 2006


Well, yesterday I went and got the results of my psychological tests for school. You know, the ones that I took back in February or something to get into GCTS. Turns out I'm not crazy (I know, it's debatable) and that my personality type, ENFP, is one of the ideal counselor personality types! Yay!

Funny thing was that my E, the extraverted quality, was literally *off the charts!* I'm so proud. :) I mentioned that I was married to an extreme introvert and Dr. Pendleton (one of the heads of the counseling program and the guy that goes through the tests with us) said that that's actually a great combination in marriage! I thought that was neat. :) Well, he said that it was great, unless I tend to drive my husband crazy, which I think is a true statement. hee hee....

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Daddy said...

Bobby is not an extreme introvert. No, definitely not extreme. I could see you being out there on the scale though.