Wednesday, January 31, 2007


That's the sound of our baby's heartbeat! We got to hear it yesterday at the midwife's office (yes, we're using a midwife... explanation below). and it was honestly the coolest sound I've ever heard. :) Bob smiles whenever we talk about it. She was looking around for the heartbeat initially and we heard a slower one, which was me. I was surprised how loud my own heartbeat was down in my abdomen.

She had to hunt around for it a bit because the baby is still kind of small, butI know it gets easier as it grows. Teri (our midwife) said, "C'mon, baby, show us your stuff...". All of the sudden we heard this sound that was double the speed of mine, about 120 bpm (judging by the speed of how quickly I used to play Mozart's flute concerto in G :)). Then the baby moved... I guess it didn't like being poked - heck, I don't like being poked too much either. She found it again and chook-a-chook-a-chook-a-chook.... :)

So yes, we're using a midwife (in a hospital... no home-births for us). Here are the reasons why:
  • more individual, relaxed, personal care - they take a lot of time to answer your questions and see how you both are doing during the pregnancy
  • they're supportive of unmedicated, medicated, whatever kind of births...
  • midwives approach pregnancy and labor from the standpoint of health, not looking for what's going or could go awry. They start with the assumption that women have done this for thousands of years and that it's a natural process.
  • births attended by midwives have lower rates of episiotomies, inductions, c-sections, etc., all of which don't sound like fun
  • there is always an OB on call when a midwife is on call so that they can rush in a doc if need be
  • 80% of the world's babies are delivered by midwives, but only about 9% in the U.S. We just haven't caught on yet.
  • We've heard several stories of near C-sections, drawn-out labor, etc., where the moms said afterwards, "I should have gone with a midwife."
  • I read an article with one of the top OB's in Boston (at Brigham & Women's Hospital, which is renowned for its maternity care) who herself is pregnant and said that she was going with a midwife for all of the above reasons.
There, I think that's it. That's probably the short list. ;)

We go back in four weeks as usual and then our big ultrasound is on March 6th!! That means in five weeks, we found out whether it's a girl or a boy!!!! The countdown begins...

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