Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh yeah, I popped

I know, it's early, but my tummy is out there! People at church last week noticed that I was pregnant. It's weird to think that in many ways I now have no control over how large my stomach is going to get, but hey, at least it's growing at a faster rate than my butt so far. WOO HOO!!

And no, it's not twins as far as we know. My mom popped early and so so am I!

And then there's the whole "morning" sickness thing. I thought I was over the hump. It just kind of disappeared about a week ago and I got my appetite back. Food looked good again! Then the darn thing came back! Boo... 2nd trimester, please come soon!!!

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carol foley said...

okay mo i remember with you that i started out at 125lbs so i guess that is kind of small. maybe thats why i showed sonner?but i also think my uterus just got bigger quickly than most woman. i mean kelly didn't pop until late and she had a big 8lb baby..i just think it is what it is. i was in real good shape then too so i had like very little belly fat to start with so it wasn't the fat as i am sure in your case too.