Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another reason to drink water!!!

Well, after some cramping and sharp back pain last night, I went to see my midwife today. No infection, no other complications, just dehydration. That's it, I need to drink more water! Turns out that if you don't get enough water while pregnant, your body will take it from wherever it can get it, which can cause inflammation and cramping in your uterus, bladder, and other places. Makes sense.

I remember in high school when I used to carry around a 2-liter or gallon jug of water around with me and would drink it all day (I would drink one gallon or three of the 2-liter bottles). Then I started student teaching in college and realized that I couldn't drink all that water or else I'd have to leave my class alone all the time! Now that I'm out of teacher mode, I need to remember that it's ok to drink water. :) Drink up!

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