Wednesday, March 28, 2007


People keep asking me if I've been having any of the weird pregnancy cravings or for specific combinations of food. Well, if you knew me before I was pregnant, you know that weird combinations of food was part of my normal meal routine. A typical lunch might include ice cream, cherry tomatoes, cheez-its and a can of tuna.

Fortunately, my pregnancy cravings have been mostly healthy things, with the exception of extreme needs for potato chips and ice cream in the early first trimester (and the extreme aversion to vegetables). Now, I mostly crave:
-cottage cheese or plain yogurt
-fruit (esp. bananas, pineapple, and apples)
-cherry tomatoes
-meat (a little more red meat than usual, but usually just chicken and turkey)
-salt - don't share a bag of popcorn with me, you just won't enjoy it after I'm through

Not too bad, huh? And once weekly, BabyShenk and I have a 3 Musketeers bar on Monday afternoons (to get me through the afternoon class that falls during my usual nap time).

And I can identify with the way that the cravings can hit you and you MUST have that food right now and then. The other day, I was at the airport and REALLY needed milk. I was carrying too much luggage, but I was desperate and went from kiosk to kiosk searching for my fix. I was so desperate that I almost considered WHOLE MILK (shudder). Fortunately, I found 2 1/2-pints of skim milk in the back of a cooler at Hudson News. It was worth the $2.

So, nothing all too weird. But, that said, I did buy a jar of pickles the other week. And I loved them. I just didn't eat them with ice cream. :)

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