Friday, April 6, 2007

General update

Time for a general update. :)
I'm now 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant.. Yay! Baby boy is kicking away, and now that he's getting bigger (he's about 1 pound and 11" long!), there are more kicks around the belly button region.

Anybody else have a weird thing about your belly button being touched (Dad, I know you do)? Well, imagine it getting kicked from the inside. Ewww. :) I love when the little boy kicks me, but the belly button thing is just WEIRD! lol

People have started asking me when I'm due. Then I say, "August 7," and they say, "OHhhhh....". Yeah, I know, looks like the kid is coming in a matter of days, but he's got a lot of baking left to do!

I'm up 21 pounds (yee ha) and yes, my belly is *still* bigger than my butt is (SCORE!). :)
The picture here is from Tuesday. HELLO beach ball under my shirt!

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