Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sweet relief!

The little man today is being quite silly. It feels like he's slamming his head against different parts of my belly! So funny. :)

I was not blogging for a bit because I was having severe sciatic nerve pain. :( Boo!! However, through practically tethering myself to a heating pad (on and off, don't worry!), Bob patiently massaging my back again and again, lots of stretching, and using a cream that my friend Christen gave me (thank you, Christen!), I have relief!! Praise God. I told Bob that it felt like someone took a rope, dipped it in kerosene, lit it on fire, and then implanted it in my right lower back down into my butt and right leg. THAT'S why I'm glad it's over!!!

Our friend Matt sent me this great comic today about pregnancy. Enjoy!

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