Friday, April 20, 2007

Weird baby names

As you know, there are plenty of weird baby names out there. I'm on a message board of pregnant ladies where there was recently a post asking everyone to name the weirdest baby names they've ever heard. I threw in a couple that I know of as well. Here they are!

  • Orangina - named after the drink because the mom really liked it when she was pregnant
  • Golphkart
  • Three-Fifths
  • VaGina (pronounced Vuh-JEE-nuh)
  • Lajessica
  • Lynnz (pronounced Lindsay)
  • Clitoris (mom was a non-English-speakin woman who heard the word but didn't know what it meant)
  • Slickchucks (I can't stop laughing every time I read this one)
  • River Sunshine
  • Female - a BOY's name, pronounced like "tamale" but with an F
  • Nevaeh - "heaven" spelled backwards
  • Happy Ann
  • Yuron'
  • Foreal (like the rap lyrics, "I am fo' reeeeal")
  • Sparkle Box
  • Unique
  • Nowele (like Noel)
  • Meconium (as in the tarry substances that the baby emits if he/she is unduly stressed during labor)
  • Maximillian Space Man Holiday
  • Revolution - nickname "Revi"
  • Autumn Breese
  • Chase Manhattan
  • Sterling Silver
  • ABCD
  • Winner and Loser (brothers) - oddly enough, Winner ended up being a con-man and Loser was a successful criminal defense lawyer
  • Andrea and Reandrea (sisters)
  • someone actually named Cinderella
  • Mary Christe Mass
  • boy and girl twins named Jennifer and Johnnifer
  • Jaqqar
  • Trellie LeDouche
  • Knathan (silent K, because apparently "Nathan" wasn't good enough)
  • Placenta Brown - mom named the baby after the first word she heard after the baby was born.
Poor kids.

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