Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Glucose test and appointment

Well, we're back in town for about a day, so today I had an appointment and the 1-hour glucose tolerance test. Yes, the solution tastes KIND of like Orange Crush, but I don't like Orange Crush (and my system doesn't like sugar). I felt less sick than I expected to, which is good, and hopefully I'll hear in just a few days that I passed and that will be the end of that!

Then we had an appointment, and the baby's heart rate is chugging along as usual, around 140. I'm now measuring slightly ahead, which they said was good because I had been measuring a little behind up to now (although no one told me... I guess they weren't *too* worried about it!). Grow, baby, grow!

Last, but not least, props to Tegan, Todd, and brand-spanking-new Liam Willard!! Welcome to the world, Mr. Liam, and glad everyone is doing well. :)

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