Monday, September 13, 2010


At 19.5 weeks, I'm halfway through this pregnancy. Yes, I know pregnancy is 40 weeks, but I'm having a c-section at 39, so I'm halfway. Can you tell I'm eager for this to be over? I'm ready to meet this kid and put behind us the phase of pregnancy and birth. I love my children dearly, but this is not my favorite part of the process! My ultrasound is 14 days away and I waver between being so nervous I could puke and totally settled about it all.

Here's a halfway pic. I always feel bigger than I look, but I still think that's a pretty good belly for halfway through!

Had an appointment today and everything looked and sounded great. Of course, I'm still suspicious, but what am I really going to do about it? Patience, Ali, patience.

I think often about the passage of Scripture I quoted at the top of my blog (Facebook followers, it's under DITW's profile pic). The verse says that the Lord "delivered me from all my fears" in the past tense, as in done, as in once and over. Not the case, or at least in how the verse was translated into English. Really, I think of it as something that happens over and over, many times in a week, in a day, maybe even in an hour. I don't just trust God and then stop fearing. I have to submit my fears continually. 

Did I mention I don't like to be pregnant? I'm really, really grateful that we can get pregnant easily, and I love the end result of "kid" that comes from it. But I don't like it. My guess is that it messes with my extreme needs for control and my lack of patience. lol 

A point of joy in this pregnancy is that Cole is seeming to experience it as the first one that he "gets." He waves to my belly all the time and says, "Hi, baby!" and loves when I lie down and he can feel the baby kick and talk to the baby (or drool on the baby and give my belly shlerberts). :) It's so sweet. Watching Dean's interest in baby dolls confirms to me how nurturing he can be even at a young age and I think Baby E is going to have plenty of love. 

And let's be honest, this kid is going to be a boy. I just know it. :)

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Radicol said...

I'm still holding out that you have a girl. - Collin