Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Want to Learn

Today we had MOPS again. I love this group of women and wish that we could meet every week. It's just so good. :) I brought the boys into childcare and they were like celebrities. I love when people love my kids, hug my kids, tell them they love them. Well, unless you're some random creepy person in Target or something (no hatred for Target, love that place), then it's great. :) One of the ladies scooped up Cole and another scooped up Dean and snuggled him, saying, "Oh, I love you!" So cute. :)

I reminded the volunteers again about Dean's dietary requirements and only to feed him the snack I provided for him. I explained that I knew it sounded crazy not to feed him carbohydrates because he's just a baby, and the head of the childcare at MOPS said, "But hey, if *that's* what he needs, that's what we want to give him!" One of the women in Dean's room for childcare (the one who said she loved him) asked, "What's the name of the syndrome again?"
"Prader-Willi syndrome."
"Prader-Willi... could I..." (gestures like reading a book)
"Read more about it?"
"Yes, could I read more about it? I'd like to learn more so I know how to help Dean."

I tried not to bawl. Like the happy kind of bawling.

It's one thing to endure my haphazard and crazy explanations of what PWS means in Dean's life and the lives of others. Someone could be hanging on every word I say, totally tuning me out, or anywhere in between. But when someone *asks,* wants to know more about PWS and what it means in Dean's life, it means the world. A small gesture is so very big.


Esther said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. I've enjoyed reading! So glad for this heart-warming experience you had at MOPS. (I love MOPS too!)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Hi Esther, thanks for stopping by and reading along!!! Glad there's another MOPS fan out there. What a great ministry. :)