Saturday, September 25, 2010

Photos of All Kinds

Today we had a great photo shoot with the talented Jess Nelson, a friend from playgroup. I'm so excited to see the pics! We thought about putting off the shoot until after baby E comes, but we decided that it was important to document formally this last time of us being a family of four. At our last photo shoot, Dean was only two months old and couldn't do very much:

Now, at 16 months, he has blossomed (this picture is not from Jess; my brother took it!): 

Can't wait to see the pics when they are ready! 

Speaking of my brother, the other activity for today was going downtown to hang out and go to a children's book festival. They were giving away free children's books! So cool. The boys had a great time and Cole enjoyed meeting a certain big red dog of note. :) 

And here's the rest of us (minus Tim, again, taking the picture): 

I'll tell you, though, it was hot. I'm not used to this heat business in the beginning of Fall. Where is my crisp, cool air?! The toughest part is that the heat still REALLY gets to Dean. :( 

Twenty minutes in the heat and he's toast. The CHILL towel buys him another 20 minutes or so, but you can see here that it was just too much. Poor guy. When Bob gets another job, we'd like to open our options as much as possible, but it's hard to fathom what it would be like to move farther south. People with PWS have all sorts of temperature issues, but Dean's nemesis is most definitely the heat. It has affected us more this past summer than I would have thought it would. Turns out that Boston was probably a better climate! Hard to take the boys both outside when the heat makes one of them turn to complete mush and overheat. 

Anyway, we had fun playing with Tim and Natalie inside, too, where everyone was happy.

Sure is good having family nearby. :) 

Speaking of Fall, we got a pumpkin for a little festivity, although the boys seem to think it's a ride-on toy or a large drum. I'll be surprised if it makes it until Halloween. lol

Welcome, Fall. :)

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