Friday, October 29, 2010

18-Month Check-Up

I went to drop Cole off at school this morning and as we pulled up, some children were standing outside with their parents waiting for the doors to open... IN COSTUME. I panicked. Cole's going to hate me! Turns out that it was just for the 4-year-old class. I figured I would have known if they were supposed to get dressed up, but whew!! Still in the running for Mom of the Year (insert hysterical laughter).

I then brought Dean to his 18-month well visit. Dr. Mendelsohn was so very happy to hear about Dean's progress and said, "He's just doing great." "I know," I said, and inside, I really felt it was true. I mean, he still has delays and lots to work on, but he's moving right along in his own little way. We're seeing progress all over the place, no matter how small. He also asked about how our visit with Dr. Miller had gone and if there was anything else she wanted to do for Dean. It's so nice that he now trusts us and trusts Dr. Miller. Most of the folks at UVa think we're nuts for seeing someone all the way in Florida, but it's starting to sink in. Now I really don't want to leave Charlottesville. :/ Gaining that trust is really huge. We'll see (keep praying for the job search!).

Then Dean was up for a flu shot, which we are all definitely getting this year (concern for Dean in particular and concern for Emmett, who won't be able to get a shot during this flu season). Last time Dean got a shot, Rhoda (the nurse who does all the shots at the peds clinic) came in and he was fine with her until the shot hit. This time, he saw her come in the door and immediately speed-crawled over to me and started standing and CLIMBING me trying to get away from her!! His usual reaction is to bound over and insist on a hug from someone, so I knew his reaction was because of the shots. He started crying and looking at her suspiciously, and then as soon as we laid him on the table for the shot, Dean BAWLED like I have never heard before. He got the shot and was hysterically sobbing. I picked him up and he eventually calmed down, but boy did he shoot Rhoda a nasty look!! I know this will sound nuts, but these are literally some of the thoughts that went through my head in this situation:
-he recognized who Rhoda was
-he had some degree of appropriate fear
-he demonstrated an appropriate pain response (this is not always a given with PWS)
-he actually tried to CLIMB me to get away
-he knew that I was someone to cling to to "rescue" him
-he recognized other situational cues like being laid down for the shot and started crying then

I know it's silly, but these are all little things I don't take for granted. :) Dean was not quite himself for the rest of the day. He was randomly whimpering and a little more lethargic, so I think he was worn out and sore from the shot. It's the first time he's had any sort of adverse reaction, but he'll be fine.

Also, Dean gained weight this month, so that was good! At 18 months, he is about 84.3 cm (33.25") and 11.9kg (26 lbs. 4 oz., I think?). Dr. Miller is still going to keep his GH at 0.6mg, but we're going to watch to see if he needs a dose in terms of plateaus with development, weight, or tone. Finally, we're going to go see a pediatric ophthalmologist at UVa just to make sure Dean is not showing any preliminary symptoms of strabismus. This is quite common with people with PWS and so it never hurts to get it checked out, and Dean's eyes have been a little more "googly" lately. I'm glad we're going to look into that. Would love to hear about anyone's experiences with their little one seeing an ophthalmologist (PWS or not!).

That was a lot! Thanks for reading.


Laurie said...

"he knew that I was someone to cling to to "rescue" him"

I know exactly how you feel and how much that means to you. I'm still waiting for that response from Olivia. For the longest time I don't think she even knew who I was vs anyone else; we were all interchangeable to her.

Sarah said...

those exact same thoughts ran through my head during Lillian's sleep study.

Ahhhh, a sigh of relief for typical reactions in stressful situations.

gotta love them.

antonette said...

Arman does the pouting as soon as he sees anybody in the health profession I swear he can sense who's who.
About the eye dr. Arman had seen one 2x one when he was about 4 months old and a followup visit last august, so far so good!