Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grand Aspirations... and a Show about Will

I had one grand aspiration for the day: to do nothing. I don't mean have nothing planned on the calendar, I meant to be as inert as humanly possible. This was more a state of mind than a reality, but it sure felt good. Bob took the reins with the boys and I took a rest. Well, there's that whole 'growing another human life' thing... details, details. I took two naps. Dean had OT and I lied down for most of it. We took a walk, which felt good, and spent some chill time as a family of four. Great day!

Wanted to draw your attention to an upcoming show on Discovery Health called, "My Deadly Appetite." Here's the description for the show: "Born with Prader-Willi, a rare incurable syndrome, Will feels starved constantly and has bouts of physical aggression. At 280 lbs and kicked out of school, an intense inpatient treatment program hundreds of miles from home may be his only hope."

It is airing on Discovery Health this Wednesday, November 3, at 10pm. If you go to the listing on the website, you can click for it to email you a reminder about the show.

Obviously it sounds like Will is one who is more severely affected by PWS, but his story is an important one to tell. We have no way of knowing where any of our children will be on the spectrum of this syndrome, and we're all in it together. I always have mixed feelings about these kinds of shows, because I'm not sure how they'll portray the syndrome or the person with the syndrome. But I'll be watching. Join us!

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