Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Peeling Away the Junk... and a Playdate

Ask Bob, there are few things about which I don't have an opinion. I have *strong* opinions about a lot of issues and have a hard time not getting riled up inside. Sometimes (otherwise known as often, bordering on almost always) I need to give my two cents. I can't help myself. Even if it means that I'm going to send my blood pressure through the roof and accomplish no real purpose in actual time and space, I do it.

After Dean was born, things got a little more... complex. :) I found my emotions already pushed t the edge in every direction such that there WAS no room for needless hype. My RAM was all used up, no working memory for useless drama. If it wasn't going to DO anything, why am I getting all worked up? Why am I letting it affect ME so much - just to take some years off my life?

So I'm learning (note the "ing") how to peel away the junk. Useless worry, useless drama, sweating the small stuff - what's the point? Toxic influence? Adios. Getting in arguments with people ranting and raving about this and that? Pointless. They're not listening anyway. Letting people's comments about whatever derail my day, my week, maybe my year? Why? Blech.

Pre-diagnosis and medication for having bipolar, I also wasn't able to recognize any of this in my life, let alone know how to calm myself and move away from it. It's exciting to be in a place to recognize when it happens, be able to sort out what's important, get rid of the unimportant stuff, and move on. There just is not room for the rest of it. I've got a life to live.

And to make a not-so-smooth segue, yesterday we had a great visit with another PWS family! They live in Richmond and have two kids, Suzie and Zach (PWS). We had a great time playing!

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We are all here with you.