Sunday, November 21, 2010

AFO Update

The AFOs are still a bit of a struggle. The hinge on the brace is great for movement purposes, but it means that it's also easier for his heel to slip out. I have to fight Dean to put them on (he's not excited about them still) and then his heel pops out and I want to throw the orthotics against the wall. :) Dean now knows that he can do everything he usually can with them on, but he usually just chooses to lie around because it's easier. we really have to motivate him to get him to move while they're on. Doesn't that kind of defeat the point? That said, when Dean *does* use them appropriately, you can tell what a difference they make in supporting his ankles and knees. I need to bring it up again with Jen tomorrow during PT.

In any case, here are some action pics:

Yes, no pants as usual. Makes it easier to do diaper changes with the AFOs on. :)

In general, Dean is getting stronger each week and yet we're at a bit of a plateau with regards to progress with standing and walking. I'm not worried because I know he'll walk likely in the next 6 months (if not sooner). But he's just getting so independent and doesn't want help! Mama's back is killing from all the lifting when Bob is not home. When Bob is home, I try not to lift Dean as much as possible. My parents came today to help out while Bob was at work (today and tonight), and so I got a little bit more of a break with lifting too.

I really don't understand how people smaller than me are able to carry babies. LOL This kid feel so squished in my belly and I've still got 10 weeks to go! I keep apologizing to him for the lack of room, and as soon as I'm full-term, I will encourage him to come on out where there's more freedom and space. :) I feel really pretty good, although my "done" meter is already dinging away in my head! Almost two months until we meet our little man!

A few more cute pics of the boys just for fun:


Kevin said...

AFOs - Heel - Duct Tape.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

That's such a Foley/engineer response. LOL I like it. :)