Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Speech Therapy, Anew! And Climbing!!

We had the first session with Dean's new SLP, Jessica, this morning. She is GREAT! Very energetic and proactive, follows Dean's lead, was introducing new signs, playing games, imitating him, you name it. She explained to me the rationale behind each thing she was doing and explained a hierarchy of communicating.


Dean uses gestures and some vocalizations to communicate with us. He sometimes uses a few signs. It was neat to learn about this and think of all the ways that Dean IS already communicating with us (other than what we just recognize in our love-biased mommy and daddy brains :)). She gave us a book and DVD to borrow called, "It Takes Two to Talk."
I think it's going to be a great fit. You could tell that Dean was excited about her, but that he still needs to  get to know her a bit more. This is something new that we see in Dean. He is so loving and wants to hug and interact with people, but if you require something of him, he seems to want your trust first. I like that. Looking forward to seeing how this develops, but I think Dean and Jessica are going to have a great time! 

Dean's muscle tone is still quite low, but he is getting so STRONG. He is crazy determined! As I showed you with the stairs the other night on Halloween, Dean is ALL about climbing now. He needs a little help, but man does he want to climb! I love it!!! It's so wonderful to watch his body in action and have him use ALL his muscles to get somewhere. I know his orthotics will make climbing a little more difficult for awhile, but we're looking forward to the stability they will provide. SO proud. :) 


Laurie said...

I bet it's such a relief to see that much interactive energy in a speech therapy session. I bet you're looking forward to some new breakthroughs!

Melanie Silverman said...

I love this post. Thank you for sharing.