Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Fun, Belly Shot, AFOs Continued

We've had a great, relaxed weekend with Bob's parents in town. The boys are excited to show off and Cole in particular is excited to be as active as he can possibly be. He and Pops decided to try some acrobatics, which was met with much success and laughter. :)

My belly *is* getting painfully big. I can't believe I still have 11 weeks left! I don't remember feeling quite this big with the boys, but perhaps I was. :)  I've decided to adopt a GD-like diet anyway to keep my blood sugars from going any higher (even though they're not dangerously high right now - as others have reminded me, having an extra risk factor for GD with the Seroquel is probably worth taking another level of precaution). I'm getting Braxton-Hicks contractions all the time if I do too much. I was told in a previous pregnancy that I have an "irritable uterus" (yes, this is a real term). I think *I'm* the one getting irritable with all these stupid contractions! And don't worry, I know when to go into the doctor. Not there yet. :)

Here's a pic. People say, "Oh, I thought you'd be huge," but don't forget I'm only 6 months pregnant!

Dean is thankfully hating his AFOs less by the day and is realizing that he CAN still in fact pull to stand, cruise, and use his walker (with help) with them on. We are still learning how to put them on correctly without having his heel slip out after awhile. But at least I don't want to throw the braces across the room anymore. lol Looking forward to having Jen come tomorrow and give us some more pointers.

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