Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Dean has been doing really well with his new speech therapist. He's picking up new communication skills slowly but surely, and every little bit is thrilling to watch. Recently, he has become completely obsessed with books. Clearly, I'm not complaining. There are a few books in particular that he goes to time and time again, and reading them just once is rarely an option. The current favorite is this one:
There's a different baby on each page, and Dean loves to open the flap, "greet" the baby with a laugh, smooshing his face against the page, or a happy grunt. :) Then he closes the flap and wants to move on to the next page. The last page has a mirror and he cracks up every time he sees his reflection. At the end of the book, he learned to say, "Again!" It comes out like "ag-eh," but it's clear as day. I've never been so happy to read a book over and over and over... 

Thanks for your prayers for Bob's job interview. He said it went quite well and should hear soon about whether he made it to the fifth (yup, fifth!) round of interviews. Hoping this is all worth it!! Will keep you all posted. :) 

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Katie said...

Love it, that Dean is so taken with books. Let's hope it lasts into adulthood. I remember readingg and rereading "Am I Your Mother?" or something like that to Nicholas and Katelyn. I didn't mind at all. Loved it!! They could have recited the book by heart themselves. Must be something soothing about the voice of the person doing the reading.