Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Bumpy Road to Walking

As I mentioned in the last entry, Dean has all but lost interest in walking on his own. However, I did forget (you know how when you're down, you sometimes forget some of the good stuff? Case in point) that the other day, he used his shopping cart to walk across the room! This was new, as prior to that episode he couldn't figure out how far to push a toy forward without falling on his face. Now, even if he pushes it too far forward, he falls to his knees, gets back up, and keeps going. Hoping this is the start of a good trend. I really, really want this kid to walk - mostly for practical reasons!

Along those lines, Dean has been falling a LOT lately. He's gotten really fast with cruising and his PT thinks he might be a little bit overconfident right now and is getting a little careless. I would probably agree. You can see in Dean's eyes that he's eager to keep up with his brother and thinks he can basically run when he can't even walk quite yet. :) It's cute, but man is it dangerous. :/ Boys are nuts!

We also talked about Dean's orthotics and agreed that the fit needs to be looked at. They definitely should not be coming off all the time. So we're going back to P&O (prosthetics & orthotics) on Thursday and hopefully they can get us in a better place with these things. I was so darn excited to get them and it hasn't *yet* been what we expected. I know they can be better.

For the colder weather coming around, I'm investing in a few key indoor toys to keep the boys occupied. We just can't go outside most days with Dean's temperature issues, yet my little cold-blooded Cole would live in an igloo if you let him. So we got this:

 It was fairly cheap at Target and it does the trick. Here's a blurry and generally inadequate picture of the boys and Bob in there (and yes, Cole is wearing his lion costume).

Cole loves to pretend it's a hospital (think this kid has come along on too many doctor appointments?) and Dean just thinks it's a giant peek-a-boo box. :) I'm so glad they're loving it - hope the sentiment lasts through the colder months! 

And for all who have asked, no word on Bob's job interview just yet. We'll keep you posted, although we're not necessarily expecting any news until after Christmas.

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Kevin said...

Boys are nuts. Even the one that you married. That means they're all normal.