Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Pictures

This actually begins from yesterday. We went with Bob's parents to see a live nativity at a local church. The boys loved it, especially the donkeys. Cole had already decided that day that Jesus wanted chocolate cupcakes for his birthday. When he saw baby Jesus during this nativity, he shouted that Jesus needed cupcakes. lol Dean began "preaching" during the narration. It's hard to shush a child who has worked so hard to start to talk. It was just so cute! So we only did a little shushing. We figure Jesus understood.

Feeding the donkeys!

Umm, hey, you guys, it's cold out here...

So let's go to Applebees. Cole wearing Pops' reading glasses. :) 

Dean initiating dinnertime conversation. :) 

Christmas morning!!!!! So excited to be up with the boys this morning. The day began with a miracle in that Cole slept until 7:35. Seriously, I know. It was amazing. Dean was up before 6, but hey, 1 out of 2 ain't bad.


Opening the big present...

It's a guitar!

Playing with his new shape sorter.

Cole testing out the guitar.

And Bidon testing it out, too. :) 

Deano loves his Uncle Tim. :)

A wonderful, wonderful day with family. We even got to Skype with Uncle Johnny and Aunt Cris! Good times, good family, good food and celebration. Perfect. 

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