Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Stockings: $60
Christmas lights: $10
Christmas tree: $20
Advent calendar: gift
Christmas PJs: $10
Being in our own home on Christmas Day for the first time as a family: priceless. :) 

We're going to be home for Christmas! I'm so excited. It's fun to travel and visit family during this time, but we're really excited to start our own traditions with the boys and be at home. Tonight we put the boys in their Christmas PJs (gotta start a little early) and I am just smitten: 

It makes me so excited for Emmett to join the party and have these boys grow up together. There is a lot of love just between these two. Cole said to me the other day, "Mommy, I don't want two brothers. I only want ONE brother." 
"You want just one brother? You mean Deano?"
"Yeah, I just want Deano for my brother." 
<3 <3 <3

Clearly I'm not worried because Cole also talks about how excited he is for Emmett to come and how he'll play with him, feed him, have him sleep in his bed (umm, nice try). Every night we pray before the boys go to bed and we ask Cole what he wants to pray for. Every night, he says, "Let's pray for Emmett." 
"Anything else?"
"No, just pray for Emmett." 

Bob's parents got here for the weekend and then on Christmas Day, my parents, Tim, and Natalie are coming. Can't wait!! 

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Matt said...

This whole post had me smiling from ear to ear! Dean's smile is so wonderfully big and cute! And Cole sounds like the best big bro anyone could ask for! (oh, and his smile's cute too :))

I tried to show Cole & Dean to Nathan, but eyes wouldn't stay open :)

Merry Christmas!!! :)
-Matt (& Diana too)