Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

BOB GOT THE JOB!!!!! We are thrilled. Well, shocked, but thrilled. :) We still don't know a lot of the details (like, uh, salary!!) and Bob will hopefully find those out tomorrow. We need to negotiate a bit on start date unless they want him to start in February. Emmett is coming 1/31 and if we switched health insurance now (if they want him to start immediately), then we don't know if I'd be covered delivering at UVa! That would be crazy.

Since I haven't mentioned it yet, the job is to be a staff chaplain at the Bon Secours Health System in Richmond. We've heard great things about the BSHS, great things about Richmond, and so we're really excited. We're glad that it's still near family (well, no farther away than right now). We'll probably try to stay here until our lease runs out in July - it would mean Bob commuting, obviously, but it's temporary and then we would move to Richmond. It'll be sad to leave Charlottesville, but we know that it would be better to "be" in one place. Also, if we live within 30 minutes of the hospital, Bob can sleep at HOME for overnight call shifts. I would be in favor of that!

So please pray for the negotiating part, especially since we stink at it, but we are so grateful!! Thank you all for your support and prayers. :)


Kevin said...

Welcome to the club. I stink at negotiation also. Are there five or six rounds of negotiations since that was how many rounds of interviews there were? That should last until little E gets audible.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

LOL That could be a good stalling tactic! I like. lol

Kera said...

I am so excited about this news! Best way to end the night! Congrats again!