Friday, December 24, 2010

The JOY of Cupcakes!!

A little random on Christmas Eve, but wanted to plug (by my own will!) a Virginia business I believe in. The JOY of Cupcakes is run by Joy Ferrara, a mom who like many others, has a child with severe food allergies and therefore has to be careful about their diet. Joy makes all sorts of wonderful, delicious goodies for special occasions (or just for fun!) and she DELIVERS!

We found out about the JOY of Cupcakes through the birthday party of one of Cole's school friends. Her mom ordered these cool lollipop cupcakes and they were a total hit with the kids. Best of all, for us at least, the treats were nut-free so we knew that they'd be safe for Cole. What a gift to us!

I was touched recently by a story on their Facebook page of a vanilla cupcake that Joy made for a boy who was allergic to nuts, dairy, gluten, soy, and eggs, among other things! The cupcakes were for his 2nd birthday and it was the first time he ever had a cupcake. :)

I also got a little excited because I think these could have application to the PWS community as well. I know that diets differ among families with loved ones with PWS, but given all the magic that Joy can whip up with these creations, I bet she could work with a variety of situations!

For more information, visit their Facebook page or

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