Friday, January 28, 2011

Croup it Up

I received a lot of great feedback about the last post about the boys and adding another to our family. I would encourage any of you if you have kids to write a bit about each kid's personality and how you would describe them to someone who doesn't know them. I find that it reminds me of so many little facets of their being that I might overlook in the daily grind. It's a great exercise in being mindful about who your little kiddos (or big kiddos!) are.

So, with less than 3 days until Emmett comes, it would only follow that half the family would get sick. Bob has been fighting off something in the past few days, and Dean was seemingly ok until he went to bed. I was awakened to what sounded like a dog over the baby monitor in the boys' room. I seriously thought there was a dog in their room - wasn't sure how it got there, but I sent Bob in to check. Turns out it was Dean. :( He was having trouble taking deep breaths and was all rattly in his chest. He was in great spirits when we came to get him in the crib, but he sounded horrific. So Bob took Dean to the ER, where they diagnosed him with croup and prescribed some steroids. Dean had no fever, but of course, in Prader-Willi land, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I hate not knowing how sick he really is. :(

Today though, Dean is much better and his cough has lost the bark. He has a great productive cough and sneeze and so we are thankful for that. We're going to stop GH for a day or two per Dr. Miller's recommendations, and then we'll jump back in there. You know, just in time for me to have a baby on Monday. So, in the meanwhile, hoping that B & D get better and that Cole and I stay well! This is the first time we've had a baby during cold & flu season, so it's not something we've had on our radar previously.

2 days, 11 hours, 35 minutes. You know, approximately. :)

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