Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lazy Days

We've been spending the last month or so taking it easy some days. By easy, I mean that we do one big thing in a day and then that's all I've got left. I thought that each afternoon would be spent with Cole begging to go outside or go somewhere else... by some miracle, he has hardly asked at all. I think God knew that I'm giving all I've got and have nothing more to give. Not to mention that between the cold and Dean just being so darn heavy to lug around outside, it's not feasible to do multiple strenuous activities in a day. Three-year-olds are not always so understanding, so kudos to mine who seems to get in some subconscious way that momma's doing all she can. :)

This would also be why I don't have too many pictures lately. We've just been in the same four walls for the most part. :) Here are just a few recent ones:

It looks like Dean is asleep, but we just caught him oddly in this picture. For all the doubters on Dean's drinking situation, this is representative of some of the kung-fu moves that are necessary to get him to drink anything!
Post-nap cartoons (Cole is smirking because he knows his picture is being taken :))
And then, the gratuitous 37+ week belly shot. If you put your ear up to the screen, you can hear my shirt fibers crying, "uncle!" Only 13 days to go. :) 

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horace said...

Yeah for 37 weeks!!! (And for only 13 more days)