Saturday, January 29, 2011

Right on Schedule for a Lazy Weekend

With Emmett coming on Monday, I had some initial thoughts of making the "most" of this weekend while we could. I decided that the best thing was just spending some family time together. So we're having a lazy weekend. The only one who got out of his jammies today was Dean, and I'm not even sure how that happened. lol We hung around inside and then eventually went for a walk this afternoon while it was nice out. We read about a thousand books because BOTH of the boys are pretty much obsessed with books (Dean more so than Cole!) and all four of us conked out for a nap in early afternoon. Some pics:

Apparently even the bigger questions in life bore Bob:

Dean imitating this hilarious "sniffing" face that I like to make. Cracks me up!

My favorite people:

I'm aiming to take a blog holiday tomorrow before the big day on Monday. You know you'll hear from me as soon as possible on Monday. :) Please pray. I'm SO excited and SO nervous. Pray for it to be a peaceful delivery and health for me AND for Emmett. Thank you all for your support throughout this pregnancy. Whether you've known it or not, it's taken the multitudes to carry me through. :)


Bretagne said...

HI Ali,

Sending all of our best wishes and positive thoughts your way.

jess volinski said...

Good luck tomorrow Ali! I'm thinking of you and sending tons of positive energy. You're going to do fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning and remembered that today Emmett makes his debute. I hope everything goes peacefully and safely. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ali! Hope all is well. Been praying for you and thinking about you yesterday and today!

Stacy (from the pws yahoo group)