Saturday, January 22, 2011

Single Digits

I've refrained from blogging as much because really, the end of this pregnancy has been all that's on my mind. How much do you really want to hear about that? LOL But I'm down to single digits! Very exciting. As of the time I type this sentence, I have no more than 8 days, 10 hours, and 51 minutes... assuming that I can still do math. I barely know my name at this point!

On Monday, I'm meeting with the doc who is going to do my c-section. I figured it would be good to meet the man with the knife. :) Hopefully he doesn't think it's a waste of his time, because it's important for me just to check in. I need for him to know that even though it's a routine procedure for him, it's not a routine experience for me. Not "just" that I'm having a baby, but framed among the experience of Dean's birth and all that, well, *didn't* entail. Me telling him this won't change a thing that he'll have to do, but I just want him to know.

I don't normally "do" bare belly shots, but this one was funny because it looks like (and feels like) Emmett is just HANGING off my body. lol

I was in the shower this morning and had an odd feeling as I stood under the water: the entirety of my feet were touching the floor. The weight and stretchiness of pregnancy has flattened my feet for now. It's kind of humorous. In a painful sort of way. :) And I sleep probably about 3-4 hours a night - kind of starting to wonder if I'll actually be more rested with a newborn? ... nah, probably not. :)

I don't really have many deep thoughts about missing pregnancy or being sad that this is the last baby I'll carry. I'm ready for this stage of my life to be over. I'm a little sad that this will be our last baby, but not sad about pregnancy ending. If anything, I feel very mindful of those for whom pregnancy is all they get to know of their babies. I don't want to take for granted that our baby is born healthy, although I pray desperately that he is. Since Dean was born, life has just seemed so fragile. So we're hoping for the best and... well, praying for the best. I don't really want to consider much else right now. I'm also a little nervous about this being my third c-section, as it's still major surgery and I don't take that for granted. Your prayers are most welcome.


Candice said...

I will definitely pray for you Ali. I think mommas of babys who have had some sort of "abnormality" are much more acutely aware of how things can go wrong, so we worry a bit more. That's why I have a prayer request on my blog too!!

That being said, you're going to do great. I will pray for your safe surgery, quick recovery, and perfectly healthy (in all ways) little Emmett!!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Thanks, Candice!!!! I know you get it. I feel like a broken record saying it again and again, but it's just so hard to get past the craziness of last time and not think that something is bound to throw a curveball in the mix this time, too. Y'know?

kevin blumer said...

if you pray to the lord he does allways seem to help you out sometimes you get the awnsers you want and sometimes you dont i think its just the luck of the draw im still waiting for my prays to be awnserd

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Kevin, welcome to the blog and thanks for posting. How did you find the blog?

ImmediateMom said...

Praying God's richest blessings over you and this new child.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Hello, and thank you!! Welcome to the blog. :) Congrats on the adoption of your beautiful daughter!