Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And... we're back.

An update on the sick kiddos, and then some exciting news!

The Shenk family is all done with going to the ER. Cole came back on Monday night with Bob after being in the ER and was able to go to sleep with only a low-grade fever and no barfing. He's slowly getting back to eating and drinking and his usual activity level. I wasn't sure about school today because his energy level was still low, but he woke up talking up a storm, which was a good sign that he was at least feeling significantly better. :)

Dean is doing great. I do wonder if he had the stomach flu and we just didn't know because he made what looked (and sounded) like the beginnings of barfing a few times, and nothing came out. People will PWS often don't vomit, so maybe that was it? Either way, the augmentin he's on for his sinus infection is definitely working. Phew.

We had to bring Emmett to the ER last night because he'd been throwing up over 24 hours and it turned yellow. Apparently yellow or green is an issue and so we were told to bring him into the ER immediately. Fantastic. Our babysitter Madeline came over so that Bob and I could both go to the hospital. The docs were concerned about a possible bowel obstruction (WHAT???) that could require surgery (yes, this is where I started crying) or pyloric stenosis. They did an ultrasound of his belly to check for the pyloric stenosis - negative - and then an upper GI to see about the bowel obstruction - also negative. The upper GI was HORRIBLE. They stuck an NG tube down Emmett's nose, which was like a flashback of Dean getting an NG placed in the NICU. The radiologist took a long time to get it in and I almost just said, "LET ME DO IT!!!!" Meanwhile Emmett was screaming his little brains out and it was horrible. They pulled all the milk out of his belly that I'd just fed him :( and put contrast dye in there to follow it through his system. The thing they *did* see: horrible reflux. Well, I could have told you that! We're 3 for 3 with reflux babies in this family! At least this time we have actual proof. So we're meeting with the pediatrician tomorrow to talk about how to treat the reflux. I know the docs at UVa are generally not a fan of reflux meds, and I know why, but I also don't see the point in needlessly letting a baby be in pain every time they eat. :( So we'll see.

Yeah, soooo..... I'm all done. I asked Bob last night what we had done to make all this craziness happen. Not that I really believe we did something to welcome all this, or that this doesn't happen to people all the time, but it just felt like so much. Please no more ER visits for a long, long time! I can't handle it.

SO, onto the exciting news!!! Dean can walk independently with his walker!! This actually started on Monday, but among all the sickness, I felt that it didn't get the full attention it deserved! This video is from Monday when he was first getting it, and then today he practically RAN in the walker! Dean was so proud of himself and was clapping and smiling. It was adorable. I fought off happy tears. :) I hope to get a better video of him doing it like he did today, but of course by the time I took out the camera, Dean was pooped! So here's this video for now:

He walks!! from Ali on Vimeo.

And in case I haven't lost you yet, here's an adorable video of my little babe. Might be boring for some, but I enjoyed it. :)

E Jack! from Ali on Vimeo.


Jenn said...

So excited for you... Look at Dean go! Praise the Lord! Awesome! I hope everyone is fully recovered and no more trips to the ER for the subsequent and long lasting future :) And for the Ped. to give E. something for that reflux...

Lots of love to you Ali-mama!

molly said...

Oh Ali, I couldn't be more thrilled for you and Dean! What a big boy!

I'm so sorry you've been dealing with all this crap but this has to have made up for it a little bit, am I right?


Oh, and Emmett is adorable! Must.Have.Another!

Katie said...

Ali, Loved the pics. Way to go Dean!!! Precious Emmett!!! What a beautiful family. Am praying always for you folks. Grandma

Andrew,Sally,Megan,Daniel and Lucy said...

i love the bit where dean decides to do it alone and tries to break free,your boy has determination