Friday, February 18, 2011

A First and a Last

A first: Today was kindasorta my first day with all 3 boys by myself. Kindasorta because my mom was still here this morning until Cole went to school and Cole's teacher brought him home and someone made us dinner. Geez, now it sounds like cheating. Well, close, anyway. But I survived. It's admittedly easier now that no one is sick! But at least I started to get the idea of the rhythm that we'll need to develop once it is just the 4 of us most days. In particular, the task of feeding 3 boys with different food needs seems to be the biggest challenge!

An interlude of cute baby pics:

Apparently Emmett has the longest index finger in the universe

I guess black and white patterns really ARE that stimulating. Look at those big blues!

A last: Today was Bob's last day working at UVa. He's sad because he loves his co-workers and loves his job there. But alas, it came to an end. He has next week off (technically vacation time from his UVa job) and then he starts at Bon Secours on the 28th. Yes, that means that Bob will be commuting to Richmond until we move sometime this summer. Sigh. Hoping this works out! It's a new chapter for us in so many ways.

It's weird reflecting on the move because before Dean was born, our PLAN was to move only weeks after he was born. We knew it was nuts, but we had to get out of our apartment and we figured heck, why not just do it all at once and get it over with. We have a knack for knocking out multiple major life transitions all at the same time. We don't plan it, it just happens! Anyway, then Dean was born and was in the NICU past the time that we were going to move, and we knew that we needed to stay put for a bit to get his care stabilized and only *then* it might make sense to go. This time, the plan is still to move and hasn't yet been disrupted. I feel nervous even typing that, but we are well aware now that our plans are not always how things happen. We welcome prayers as we make the transition over the next few months.


Sarah said...

Very cute photos of E! And I can definitely see the resemblence to Cole.

I hope your days start getting easier. Hang in there!

Cindy Matejka said...

So so cute! I hope you and the family are feeling better :)