Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting Used to Things

Jen brought a fun new device for PT yesterday - a pediatric posterior walker! This is hopefully going to be more of a hit than was the gait trainer. Jen got Dean to walk across the room 5 times while she was holding the walker. Today, Dean walked across the room a few times and I only had to push sometimes. One of his new goals for PT is to be able to walk 30 feet with or without a device in the next 3 months. This feels like a BIG goal, for sure, but I'm trying to remain hopeful that he can accomplish it in this time period. If not, I think within 6 months is totally reasonable. I'm so proud of how hard Dean works in PT lately... it's pretty much an entire hour of being on his feet, which takes a LOT out of him. By the end of the hour, he is just cooked! Poor dude. Getting stronger slowly and building endurance even more so... but still making progress.

And Dean is getting used to his little brother. He looks like an absolute giant compared to Emmett:

And then there's little Emmett getting used to, well, the world...

He only woke up twice last night. So either he's a good baby, or there's the old bait-and-switch coming down the pike soon. Obviously hoping it's the former! Emmett thus far has been such a typical newborn - loves being swaddled at night; only cries when he needs a new diaper, is hungry, or cold; and sleeps well day and night. It feels like the first time out of 3 that we got a textbook baby. :)

Cole is getting used to it all as well. He seems to be transitioning well to our family of 5, and yet has become more needy and whiny, even clingy sometimes. I know that it will just be part of the transition and he'll be less of these things as time goes on. He and Dean have been doing a great job keeping themselves busy, which certainly helps. The jump so far from 2 to 3 kids has been the easiest.... we'll see if that keeps up. :)


L. Peters said...

Hi Ali, My son, Nicholas, also diagnosed with PWS, had a walker when he was young. I can tell you without a doubt, it was the best tool we ever gave him. He got to the point where he could run like lightening with it. His older brother, Weston took it for a spin (more than a few times)around the house and even up and down the stairs! BTW, congrats on your latest addition and I love your blog.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Hi Lisa!
thanks for the comment. I'm hoping that Dean will love the walker as much as Nicholas did!
Ali :)