Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Caved... to Twitter and to Worry

I'm on Twitter. What in the heck am I doing? I was just going to make the account for fun and then two of you decided to follow me, so I guess I have to step up! I don't know all the Twitter lingo and symbols and everything, but my username is #DivingintoWaves.

In other news, we had a wonderfully scary day so far when Mr. Emmett decided to stop waking for feeds, wouldn't pee much, and had a low-grade fever. Sigh. Of course my mind started racing and thought things like, 'is this it? Is this what I've feared and it was just too much to expect that everything could just be NORMAL with this baby?'

Given the confluence (nice vocab word, Al) of symptoms and how young he is, I decided to call the pediatrician on call. She asked me to bring Emmett in and the visit was not reassuring. She couldn't find anything really "wrong" with Emmett, and of course, the fever we'd measured at home was 98.7 at the doctor's office. She said however that if we wanted to be really conservative, we could bring Emmett to the ER and do a full battery of tests including bloodwork, urine culture, and a spinal tap. WTH!

Then she mentioned that metabolic disorders (?!?!?!?!?!) can also pop up after a week or two and that maybe it was that, but that it was good that EJ's newborn screenings all were negative. Now I start crying. This is not helping. She said it was up to me, and my gut said that there wasn't anything THAT wrong. We went back home to do some watchful waiting. In the next few hours, Emmett started eating again, still was pretty sleepy, but he's of course peeing again and all other things seem at worst, "ok."

My friend Liz and I joke about writing a book called, "It's Always Something," because really, it is! I hate worrying, and I really don't need any encouragement to do so. Praying that all with Emmett IS ok, but if we feel for a second that it isn't, we'll be back in the hospital tonight...


Kevin said...

Dear Mrs.#DivingintoWaves,
I really never thought you'd do the twitter thing. 140 characters? I don't think so. And you have so many followers on facebook and your blog that I figure everything would scroll by so quick you would never have the context. But, I'm your Luddite uncle, so what do I know. Glad to here that E Jack decided to eat and pee.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

I really thought I'd never do it either! How am I supposed to be succinct? 140 is just not enough. :) We'll see if I actually do anything with the account. :)