Thursday, February 17, 2011

Probiotics and Toddler Psychology

We went to the doctor this morning to follow-up from Emmett's ER visit the other night. I talked with Dr. Mendelsohn about my concerns with how uncomfortable Emmett seems to be and that his symptoms mirror what the other boys had when dealing with reflux. He talked about new research talking about the side effects over time of using meds and instead suggested probiotics. It was something I'd thought about, but didn't know if they would be ok for someone as young as Emmett. So, we're going to try it out and see how it goes. Unfortunately, it could take a few weeks to work. In the meanwhile, we're also giving them to Cole as he recovers from the stomach flu and to Dean as he's on antibiotics for his sinus infection. Lactobacillus reuteri all around!

Dr. Mendelsohn thinks that the excessive throwing up that Emmett had - which by the way hasn't happened since Tuesday night) was indeed him having the stomach flu that Cole had. I'm so glad that he didn't get it any worse!

Cole today was still not eating. I know that people say that if he gets hungry enough, he'll eat, but you don't know Cole. If he has determined in his head that there is a good enough reason not to eat, he won't until the situation gets dire. He thought that his belly grumbling from hunger was his belly getting ready to throw up. :( It was so sad. Finally, I decided to tell him that Dr. Mark (Dr. Mendelsohn) said that he was so happy to hear that Cole wasn't sick anymore. Cole's face immediately lit up. I explained that Dr. Mark said that what he needed to do now was make sure that he eats to get big and strong again. Cole again immediately asked for food and his entire mood changed. Wow. That was all it took to turn an entire ship. Amazing.

Speaking of Cole, Happy Half Birthday to my little buddy!!!! 3.5. He was unimpressed. lol

Here's a picture that my little buddy drew of "an owl fishing" (the black part on the left is the owl and then you can see his fishing line) :)



Nico S. said...

Jed was a probiotic baby! He was having "common" baby gas and reflux problems but it was causing him to wake up very uncomfortable and his tummy was so hard... so I looked into probiotics and now I recommend them to EVERYONE. Within about a week it was like he was perfect. He was very regular and the gas was pretty much gone. They are also very important for the development of their immune systems. Jed never got sick until he was almost a year! I think he had the sniffles for like 2 days at 8 or so months.
The brands I have used are Nature's Way Primadophilus Children and ReNew Life Flora Baby which I loved the best.

I hope this helps! I would still give them to Jed often if I could just remember. He doesn't really take a bottle so it's easy to forget! Good Luck!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Nico, SO glad to hear that it worked for Jed, and that it only took a week! Our pediatrician said it could take 2-3 weeks and that sometimes sounds like an eternity! I just that Emmett seems so uncomfortable. I just ordered the Flora Baby stuff on Amazon. The stuff we're using now is about twice the price, so I'll take a cheaper recommendation if it still works!