Sunday, February 13, 2011


I think something else besides death and taxes is certain: children getting sick.

This morning at 5am, we were awakened to a screaming Cole who was barfing his brains out. :( The barfing has continued all day and I'm desperately hoping it will end after tonight. Poor Cole was so sick that he just lay on the ground all day in the living room. He didn't want to go to his own bed even. I haven't told him that he's going to miss his class Valentine's party tomorrow. :(

It's so sad because he would puke and say things like, "Please help me," or "Not fun! Not fun!" :( Cute and pathetic and I hate that I couldn't really do anything. Sigh. Bob was at work all day (and night tonight) and he just wanted his daddy. Praying for little Coley.

And Dean still has a nasty, junky cough that he had from a few weeks ago with the croup. It's not a bark or anything, but it's just not.getting.better. So I'm going to bring him in to the doctor tomorrow. Sigh. And Bob's mom (who is here helping) asked me today if Dean has ever had the flu. I thought about it and oddly, the answer is... I don't know. We don't know if he is able to throw up as some people with PWS are not able to, and so many people with PWS are oddly symptomatic or even asymptomatic with colds. So, not sure. I guess we'll find out. :/

Meanwhile, Emmett is doing great and had a good time with Dean (who's still unsure of him :))

Emmett's rapper pose

Doing this cute little shriek he does:

My little cutie

Health for this house, please!


Lisa said...

Poor Cole! Hope he is better today. Love the pics of Emmett, too! :)

Katie said...

Praying for you all to be well soon. Emmett is so adorable. s