Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hungry Boy

Thankfully, the title of this post does not (yet) apply to Dean. Instead, I get to pretend we have a normal-ish life with regards to appetite. Or something like that....

Taking after his oldest brother, Emmett is a not a huge fan of sleep. Or if he is, he's sure not letting on that he likes it. He's been sleeping like junk still, with brief periods in between of sleeping well enough that we get our hopes up again! :) Good thing he's so darn cute.

More than one person has recommended starting solids to settle his belly and get him to sleep more at night. Does that actually work for anybody? I can't really think of someone for whom it *has* worked and it didn't work for Cole, but it still is suggested on a regular basis. Methinks it's an old wives' tale.

That said, Emmett IS either really hungry suddenly, or teething, or maybe both. Exhibit A:

Whenever we eat, he gets fussy and watches everyone chow down while he furiously wants to nurse or shove his hands in his mouth. It's pretty funny. I remember Cole did the same thing when he was just about 4 months old (Emmett will be 4 months on Tuesday! Eek!). One time we were in Panera and I was waiting at a table with Cole while Bob got the food. A man a few tables over was eating by himself and Cole was STARING him down. If Cole's eyes were laser beams, the man would have had a hole straight through his head. Or maybe straight through his sandwich. :) I tried to get Cole's attention by flashing a toy in front of his face, calling his name, you name it, but no luck. The man, sensing that someone was staring him down, looked up at Cole. I nervously explained that our baby had become really interested in watching people eat and tried to laugh it off. The man was not so much amused. haha We started solids soon after that day. :)

So at Emmett's 4-month appointment on Thursday (yup, cramming things in right up to when we leave!), I'm going to ask about solids. I think it's time. With Emmett, we get a chance to do something we obviously didn't get to do with Cole - give him a diet that resembles more of what Dean will be able to eat. Cole is our carbaholic and we've been trying gradually to turn his dietary ship around. Not sure if it's working. But Emmett is more of a clean slate. Obviously he will have his own opinions about this, but we have a different perspective than what we had with Cole. As with anything else, it's one step at a time! Either way, I think little Emmett will be delighted to have some other kinds of food besides milk!

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