Saturday, May 28, 2011

Painting Day

Today we went to the house and had a great day painting!! HUGE shout-outs to Tim and Natalie, my parents, my grandma, and my aunt and uncle for helping out! Many hands truly make light work.

We got the wood paneling in the family room painted and the cabinet doors and frames in the kitchen. We still have to paint the molding around the tops and bottoms in each room, so the messiness will be remedied in the near future. And we're probably going to paint the fireplace, too. But for now, it's great progress!

Kitchen before:

Cabinets still have to be hung and fitted with our new brushed nickel hardware:

Before family room:

After (well, not done, but the walls :)):

You can see how much it brightened up the space in both rooms. Now to paint all the molding in both rooms and paint the kitchen walls "guacamole." :) Can't wait to show you the finished project!

Paint-wise, it required one coat of Kilz oil-based primer - that stuff is great! We got the "odorless" kind, which I put in quotes because it still stunk. Can't imagine what the regular stuff smells like!! Then we used one coat of paint in the family room and two coats on the cabinets. All in all, it was fewer coats than I was expecting, and glad we didn't pay $1500 for pros to do it (that was the quote we got for both projects)!

My dad did various tasks, such as scraping out and re-caulking around the tub in one of the bathrooms:

And hanging a light fixture:

So helpful!

We move a week from today! I have many feelings about this, but hey, if we're going, it's nice to be moving into a home that we love. :)

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