Friday, May 27, 2011

Standing and Slipcovering. But Not at the Same Time.

Dean for quite some time has been able to stand for a few seconds here and there by pulling to stand and then letting go. He can't quite get the hang of standing up just from the ground yet. He's done it here and there, but it's not consistent. So today he just started going nuts about trying to do it and I had to break out the camera. I took a video, stopped right as he did a GREAT stand and hung onto it (isn't that always how these kids work? :)) and then took another video. I just love that Dean is smiling the whole time and is getting a kick out of trying again and again and again. He'll get it. :)

Stand and flop, part 1 from Ali on Vimeo.

Stand and flop, part 2 from Ali on Vimeo.

In other news, Bob is home for four days while his work rotation shifts, and it's wonderful. So nice to have him home and feel more like our usual family. We are going to paint at the house tomorrow with family and I will try to take before and after pics! Other than that, our main plans are to enjoy being together!

One activity today was slipcovering the bold blue couches you see in our photos (just scroll down, you'll see them :)). We have loved the color, but it's time to take it down a notch now that we are going to be in a house and can put color on the WALLS instead!

Little did I know that slipcovering would require rocket science to get right. I told Bob I refused to give up because I am smarter than the slipcover is! In the end, I'm not even sure that we did it correctly, and we only had enough patience to do the loveseat today. The sofa can wait. Anyone else run into these issues? Craziness.

Here it is. Please tell me it doesn't just look like a glorified bed sheet?


Colleen said...

So proud of Dean! His will to stand and his commitment to keep trying is so awesome!!! GO DEAN GO! The slip covers look great. They never seem to fit snug, but work like a charm.

Nico S. said...

Did you read the YHL one about the dining room chair slip covers? They washed them in hot and dried them on high to shrink them for a tighter fit. Maybe will help on the couch one too?

p.s. GO DEAN!

Candice said...

Those videos are amazing! He is doing GREAT!! So close. There were many months between Graham learning to pull himself to a stand and to when he could actually push off the ground. In fact, I think he had been walking for several months. He would crawl over to something, pull himself up, then walk across the room. lol

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Thanks, ladies!

Nico, I did read that one and thought about it myself, but then I thought that if I did it, it would probably shrink WAY down and then we'd never get it back on the couch. lol

Candice, that's a funny image about what Graham did. I could see Dean doing that, too!