Thursday, June 2, 2011

4-Month Check-up!

Emmett had his 4-month check-up today. We had to say goodbye AGAIN to his (and Cole's and Dean's) great pediatrician, Dr. Mendelsohn. NO MORE GOODBYES! But anyway, it was a great visit. The woman who came in first I believe was a med student (it's usually a med student or more often a resident, then the attending comes in later) and she spoke to me like I'd never even SEEN a child before. It was humorous. I had Cole & Dean with me, so it's not like she didn't know this wasn't my first kid. I think she was just being thorough. :)

Anyway, Emmett looks great! Growth is right on track, with him in the 50th-ish percentile for weight (just like his brothers) and the 20th-ish percentile for height (just like Cole. Dean's only tall because he gets GH every night. haha). We got the go-ahead to start solids, although we'll wait until we move and settle in a bit before doing that. I can't believe I'll have yet another food to feed someone! I think someone is eating nonstop in this house!

Dr. M. also encouraged us to try a Ferber-type method to eliminate Emmett's association with nursing or bouncing/rocking and going to sleep. This sounds fantastic, but again, we're going to wait a bit until we're settled in the house. Only feels fair. I *am* looking forward to getting some more sleep at night!

I think at 4 months, I'm finally getting used to the idea that there indeed is nothing "wrong" with Emmett. Not that I've really been concerned, but after Dean and living the exception to the rule, it's hard to let my guard down completely. But, at least for now, he's fine. I'm praying that is the case for all of my boys for as long as possible!

Emmett is still a sweet, happy little boy. He smiles a bunch, is just starting to giggle, and is very laid-back for the most part. He knows how to squeal and make his wants and needs known, but he's very easy to read. He loves watching his big brothers be their silly selves and you can tell he's eager for the day he can keep up with them!

Here are some recent pictures of my littlest boy, known affectionately as Emmetty, EJ, E-Jack, Yemmetts, Mehmet, Yeems, Yeemies, and Schmicko (Cole's nickname - HA!) :)


Diana P said...

yay for Emmett! Sounds like he's doing great. We did a Ferber-type too and it took us about a week and a half of LOTS of crying at bedtime, but it worked! Now Mr. Nathan goes to sleep on his own just about every night and most of all, knows how to put himself to sleep which is such a blessing. Hope it works for you guys...after the move! Thinking of you this weekend with the move :)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Diana, how much is lots? We did Ferber with Cole and he cried "only" for 30 minutes. I can't take much more than that again. I know it will probably work because it worked with Cole, although I'm not looking forward to it. :(