Monday, June 13, 2011

7 Crazy, Wonderful Years

Today is Bob's and my 7th anniversary! It's been quite the busy 7 years! We've had more jobs than I can count here and there, gotten 2 Masters' degrees and had 3 kids! Oh yeah, and we've moved 8 times. EIGHT. This is why we need to make this house a home and not leave for a long time!

I'm so thankful for Bob and I really do think heaps of him. It takes a special partner to be able to travel this journey we're on. Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. I really do love him a lot. OK, I swear that's it. :)

A few pics throughout the years... (sorry that some of them run off the sides on Blogger. If you click on them, you can see the full pic!)

Wedding dance

Covered in dirt in a village in Kenya

With my parents and brother

"Babymoon" in Cape Cod

Cole Robert is born!

Photo shoot with Nick Wasch of our family of 3

Dean Thomas is born!

Nick Wasch works his magic again

Dean's first birthday

Goofing around

Emmett Jack is born!

Tim & Natalie's wedding

Love you, Bobby!


Dorette said...

Congrats! It sure is a wonderful, crazy journey!

And crazy that you moved 8 times! :-)

We've been married 6 1/2 years, 2 degrees (working on the third), 4 jobs, 2 kids but thankfully only 2 moves. We found out we were pregnant with our suprise number 2 days after we moved into our forever home - when my exhaustion from moving would no lift :-)

We joke that we are to chicken to move again. But life sure is a wonderful place if you've been blessed with a great partner!

Congrats again

Candice said...

Happy anniversary!! You were a beautiful bride!

Katie said...

Thanks for the wonderful pics. They are terrific!!! I have made my copies. Grandma

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Thanks, all!

Dorette, sounds like you've been on a wonderful journey, too! I love hearing stories like that. :)
ali :)