Saturday, June 11, 2011

Burke Lake Park

I finally have some pictures, courtesy of someone other than me!! I went to Burke Lake Park with some mom friends today and one of the ladies is particularly talented with a camera. It was nice to take some time away from the craziness of unpacking and setting up a home with 3 kids and just enjoy the outdoors. Surprisingly, Dean did pretty well in the heat, although he wasn't much interested in being up on his feet. I dragged the walker there, which I think instantly sealed the fact that he wasn't going to use it. haha

I'll tell you, having 3 kids who are so little and with 2 non-walkers has definitely enabled "yes" to come out of my mouth when people offer to help. Each time someone asks, I want to say "no" because it's not their fault or their problem that we had 3 kids this close or that Dean has some extra challenges. But I tell myself, 'THEY offered, and they didn't have to, so I should just shut my mouth and say yes.' Either way, I'm thankful. These friends today all 'got it' and helped me out so much to make it an enjoyable day. I'm very grateful for friends.

All right, on to the pictures! I left out most of the ones with other people's kids just in case someone is uncomfortable sharing, but there are some cute ones!

Wonderful day. :)

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Jennifer said...

Great pictures! Love that first one of Cole. Your children are gorgeous.