Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today we went to Dean's second hippotherapy session since being in Richmond! He loves it. This time I decided to bring his walker so I could put Dean down once we got to the stables. It's indoors and there is a loooooong hall of horses. As soon as Dean got in his walker, he RAN in it to see all the horses, giggling and chatting away! It was hilarious! I didn't know he could even go that fast in his walker. Just goes to show you that motivation is a huge factor in his walking!

Anyway, we had a blast and got to hang out with two other PWS families we know who use the same center. So fun and wonderful to have that local connection. Thank goodness for the internet, otherwise I don't know how we would have all found each other! HIPAA is great and all, but being able to share and find each other has been a huge blessing.

We are also trying to drive a little bit more of a hard line with Dean to encourage him to walk. Up until very recently, it wasn't realistic to do this because his legs just weren't strong enough. Now Dean is stronger and he's so used to crawling all the time that it's also a change in habit. At this point, he's been crawling for almost a year! So if it's time to eat, we make Dean walk. Going to the other room to get his toothbrush or a certain book? He walks. Out at a playplace where there is room for his walk? He walks. And by "walk" I mean either holding someone's hand or using his walker. It's time.

I have to update on Cole since some of you have asked. All in all, he's doing great. He's managing to find more to do since we've been in this house, and we've been going out to do something each day to get the wiggles out. He says he still doesn't like the house or making new friends, but he's hanging in there. Cole is very protective of his little brothers, especially of Dean when we're out and about. He is dramatic as ever, but he has such a way with words to express how he's doing. It's really neat.

Cole is going to camp at his new preschool next week for three days, and then the same the week after that. I'm excited for him to get to know some of the other kids and his teachers, as well as the school itself. We are trying to make a decision about which class to put him in for next year. He badly needs the routine of 5 days a week, but the kids in that class are going to be on the older end. Considering Cole's mid-August birthday, being younger is nothing new to him. The 3-day-a-week class has more kids who are Cole's age. His teacher from this year and I think that he should be in the 5-day class and then we can think about one more year of Pre-K after this year so he's not super young in Kindergarten. We'll play it all by ear. Very much hoping to do what is best for our Coley!

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Katie said...

Ali, So good to hear the updates on Dean's progress and the joy he is having in his life at this time. Happy that you have some new friends, also. I am so happy to hear that Cole is watching out for his brother. I believe there will always be a special connection between the two of them. Hope he will like the 3 days of play (?). You are doing a great job. Love, Grandma