Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Details

I think one of the hardest things about moving is figuring out your details: dentist, doctor, hairstylist, fave grocery store, nearest post office, etc. Some of those things, like Cole's school or Dean's doctors, are bigger "details" for us. We signed Cole up for a preschool that was going to offer 5 days a week, which was a great fit for Mr. I Love School. However, because of various factors I won't go into, we're looking elsewhere. This wasn't something I was exactly excited to do this late in the game, but it's necessary. It's *only* preschool, but it's an important beginning to Cole's school career. And not because he has to go to Harvard or anything (not that we're anti-Harvard :)). Just because he deserves to go to a place where he will be safe, feel loved and affirmed, and challenged all at the same time. But mostly the first two. We have a good alternative option that is going to take a bit of time to solidify and then hopefully we're all set!

Still waiting on therapy for Dean. He has an evaluation on Tuesday and then we'll hopefully be able to start soon after that. Again, we were totally ok with a break, but this is starting to push it at almost a month. :/ Patience, grasshopper....

We've found a lot of our staple hangout spots already, which is wonderful. Dean uses his walker while out and about, and I'm thrilled that he has a bit more independence with it. It's not 100% because I have to carry it around and supervise him, but it's another step in the right direction (no pun intended).

We've had some interesting reactions to the walker. Most kids are drawn to it. A lot of them want to touch it and/or use it, which I think is cute. To some, it signals for sure that something is different. More than one child has just come up to Dean and said to me, "What's wrong with HIM?" I know that kids call it like they see it and so I see it as time to educate. The standard response I'm working on is, "There's nothing wrong with him, he just needs help walking. His name is Dean."

It's amazing how as soon as I say Dean's name, it changes everything. The other person's face softens. Their body posture relaxes. It's like they suddenly remember that there's an actual person standing in front of them. As some others suggested, maybe I'll lead with his name and go from there. He's Dean first and foremost. :)

Emmett is remarkably unconcerned with his surroundings, well, except for being in the car. Then he's either sleeping or screaming his sweet little head off. He is plowing along with growing and is just beginning to sit well when placed there. I can't get over how easy typical development is. I completely forgot between Cole and now.

We saw a house on TV that was huge and fancy and Cole said, "Mommy, do you like that house? I wish I had a house like that." I told him it was nice, but I liked our house better. He said, "You like our house BETtttttter?"
"I do."
"Because it has our family in it."

My boys.

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Dorette said...

So true about family making the places we live the best!