Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting There!

First of all, need to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents - 32 years! You guys, they still love each other like crazy. It's good stuff. :)

A few more house updates. Don't mind the mess, very few things are still in their rightful places. lol And many of those even once they "are" probably won't stay that way!

Anyway, we are almost done painting the kitchen! We're still finishing up painting all the molding white, plus I have some great black-and-white curtains from Target and I have to get glass for those two cabinets over the range. But you get the idea...


After (well, 90% there :)):

The green is Guacamole by Olympic Premium (no-VOCs!) and the white is just Behr's Ultra Pure White or whatever it's called. :)

And the family room... large mirror is going over the fireplace, other large items will be placed at random... I mean, completely intentionally.



Holy craziness, is that a different room or what??? I can't believe the transformation. It feels twice as large and infinitely happier.

The fireplace was what we like to call - a big fat pain in the butt to paint. I got a roller for textured surfaces, but man, you don't realize just how many crevices brick has until you try to paint it. But I had no choice once I'd started. The wood paneling was not as hard to paint as I thought it would be. The key was filling all the pine knots with wood filler first, then sanding those down (ok, that was annoying), and then realizing that some of the grooves in the pain were huge and needed to have some wood filler too so they didn't look like giant cracks in the wall. Ok, so maybe it was more of a pain than I thought. So glad we had help for this project! For both projects, we used the tutorials on Young House Love".

The thing that surprised me most about painting the trim white in the rooms was how much more LIGHT came streaming through the windows as soon as they were painted. Really, I expected angels and harps or something of that nature to descend on the kitchen. Well, that might have been terrifying, but it would have fit the occasion.

And a few more shots of the house.
Our room, which will eventually be painted green or perhaps a green gray or I don't know...

The living room (again, a mess... hoping to remedy this shortly). This room will be painted as well...

That's all we've got for now! The boys picked out decals for their rooms. Cole's on a superhero/other mysterious occupation kick, so after an entire day of talking nonstop about Yoda, he got Star Wars decals. Dean went for Toy Story, which is no surprise because the kid is in love with Buzz Lightyear and Woody. I love that they have opinions about these matters.


Dorette said...

It looks great!
(And I'm also a YHL fan) :-)

hammeron said...

nice work ^ ^

Jenn said...

Fabulous work, Ali! Looks wonderful.

Katie said...

Ali, Thanks for the pics. I love, love the living room, especially the fireplace. Love the kitchen, too. Color is a beautiful shad of green. You can go into home decorating when the children are older. Love, Grandma

Trisha and Jim said...

Looking awesome, love the green in the kitchen. There are no words that describe the wonderful of covering wood paneling. I think you should also pain the inside of the cabinet with the glass doors, but maybe that's just me.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Trisha, I agree! And I forgot to mention that I was going to paint the inside of that cabinet. In fact, I already have. :) Sleek Gray by Valspar.