Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Organization and Play

I'm blogging right now in attempt to forget about the fact that little Emmett has an appointment right now with the good ol' Dr. Ferber. :( I hate it. It goes against every instinct when your baby is crying to let them work it out, but I also firmly believe that children need to learn how to sleep if they don't know how. And my children apparently don't know how to sleep on their own! We've tried everything else and so here it is. Here's to hoping he's asleep on his own soon.

We're continuing to organize, and one of the most important rooms for me has actually been the garage (playroom). After being in a small apartment, I really wanted a space for the kids that was all their own and where I wouldn't care (as much) if toys were everywhere. We're getting there. Tonight it got the Bob Shenk treatment. My husband is an amazing cleaner. I can organize things well, but man, Bob can clean. He'll spend a fraction of the time doing what I do AND he does it better. Some before and afters...


Now pop a Xanax to recover from those and see the AFTER pictures:

Nice, huh?

One thing I did not anticipate was that Dean will spend practically all day in there if we let him. I mean, by himself. He's interested in people when they come to the house, but he otherwise just wants to be in the playroom. I know it sounds crazy that I'm worrying about him wanting to be in a playroom all the time (imagine that, a 2-year-old wanting to play!), but it's that part of me that worries about how PWS will affect Dean socially. Until now, his sociability has been a strength of his and I don't want to see that disappear. I don't want him to retreat into his own little world and forget about the rest of us.

I don't know whether it's a solution or not, but we've put out a few small buckets of toys in some other rooms of the house so Dean will be encouraged to visit other rooms more often. And of course, we spend time with him in the place where he is most comfortable, the playroom. And also of course, we get out of the house when we can so that he can play with other kids his age and be reminded of what is around him.

It would be nice not to have to worry about even where and how my kid is playing. Not sure how much I need to "work on" that and how much it's legit.

Anyway, I took a few pictures of the boys tonight at/after dinner because I think they're cute and they crack me up. I'll leave you with those.

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Kevin said...

Cole, give your mother a break. Look like the normal cheerful kid your parents know you to be without turning into face graffiti any time you know the camera is on you.