Monday, June 27, 2011

SureSteps and Playground Pics

Dean got his SureStep orthotics today, which are great! He wore them all day, which is such a contrast to the MAX 2 hours that he would tolerate his AFOs. As we drove to the appointment, I was constantly balancing optimism with reason as I anticipated how they'd benefit Dean. Each therapy or intervention carries both enormous promise and enormous, well, potential to disappoint. :/ I have to admit that there was a tiny part of me that hoped we'd put them on him and he'd miraculously walk. Sigh. Not the case, but even so, Dean is much more stable with the SS on. His steps look more natural and even though they don't come up very high, he doesn't hyperextend his knees at all. This is a good thing! Here's to hoping that Dean continues to grow into using them and that they really help. Please.

Here's a picture of Dean standing with the SS on. They're much lower profile than were the giant AFOs. I'm a fan.

We went back to Huguenot Park and took pictures for you all to see what I'm talking about with the accommodations at the playground. It might not look all that different in a lot of ways, but in using it, we really notice. See how there are more open spaces for walkers and wheelchairs? And the steps are generally less steep? And all the ramps? Supports around the rocking toys? Sandbox at a height so it can be easily accessed via walker/wheelchair? Handrails at the bottoms of the steps platforms?

And, of course, the chair swings. :) Dean is a bit obsessed with swinging. Judging by his facial expressions, he seems to achieve a sense of nirvana while on them. His therapists have encouraged us to indulge it (at least to some extent) so he gets the sensory input to his vestibular system that he's obviously craving. We wouldn't let Dean be on there all day or anything, but 20-30 minutes truly does a body good for him.

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molly said...

That playground is amazing! I'm so glad you have a nice safe place to play. And can I just say that those swings look really comfortable. I might just hop on one of those myself ;)