Monday, June 20, 2011


Tomorrow, Bob goes before Presbytery in what is hopefully the last step to him getting ordained. It's been over FIVE years. We're ready. He has to preach and then they'll open up the floor and people can fire theological questions at him until they are satisfied. Then he leaves the room, they vote, and that's it. We're accepting of a yes or a no, but obviously we'd prefer a yes. I'm so nervous I could puke. Prayers, please!


Diana P said...

you got it!! We'll send lots of prayers your way tonight and tomorrow! Matt goes on Friday for his candidate interview. It is soooo beyond time for Bob to be ordained already. Hope all goes well and the vote is a resounding YES!

hammeron said...

Hi, I just dropped in by chance when I searched about PWS. My only son is just diagnosed as PWS few weeks ago at his age of 1.5 yrs old. These weeks had been filled with tears and sadness for me and my husband. But I become more peaceful when I read through your messages as I do see a positive mother and a family full of love.

I will work hard on my son. However in Hong Kong, we do not have a center like yours. We have to search/ contact the hospitals departments by ourself. Luckily we are medical professionals so it is easier for us. Also the government just subsiding growth hormones for these patients. So there are three kids receiving this so far and my son will be the fourth ( we are considering the high velocity injection type which is less painful but it is not on subsiding list :(

More for me to work on as my son is still on waiting list on OT/speech therapy. And there is no hydro/hippotherapy available here. There is a long list on the early training center as well. Previously we have been waiting for months for the genetic study in the only one centre in Hong Kong to make the diagnosis.

God bless for Dean and your family.

Dorette said...


I'll be praying today! Hopefully all goes well!


Barbara said...

Hi Ali,
I will be praying for Bob. I know he is pursuing what God has for him& God will honor that.... God's Blessings for you & your family!

Katie said...

Ali, We have every confidence Bob will do an outstanding job when he goes before the panel. I know your Dad said he did a great job with Tim and Natalie's wedding. We will be praying for him. I meet with my prayer group tomorrow morning at 10:00 and will pray then, also. I am so glad that lady in Hong Kong was able to connect with you. I know you are going to be a major contact in others' lives in the coming years.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Thank you so much for finding me and posting here. I know that this time when the diagnosis is new is very, very hard. I know you have many fears and much sadness. That eventually does get better, but I don't think it ever quite goes away, because we know that we wish our children could be freed from the challenges of PWS. And let's be honest, it's hard for the parents, too! Always having to fight, like you're saying.

RE: growth hormone, the needles for injection are so small because it only has to go under the skin, so I would just go with whichever one is subsidized. I've injected myself (with a clean needle and no GH, obviously :)) and it's a small prick. I don't know how much it costs in Hong Kong, but here in the U.S., Dean's dose would cost about $25,000 a year, which is a LOT of money. So I personally would go with whatever is subsidized.

I wish you strength for the journey of fighting for your son. It's hard and it's never-ending, but they're so worth it. Are you in contact with other PWS families? If not, I can put you in contact with others. Email me at acfshenk at gmail dot com.